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Immigrant Financial Justice Project

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New Economy Project launched the NYC Immigrant Financial Justice Project in 2004.  Since then, New Economy Project has worked with community and advocacy groups and immigrant New Yorkers to:

  • Expose and eliminate barriers that immigrants face in the financial services system, and promote fair lending and banking access in immigrant communities.
  • Press for corporate accountability and community reinvestment by banks, credit unions, money transmitters and other financial institutions.
  • Support community development financial institutions (CDFIs), including loan funds and credit unions, serving immigrant communities.
  • Train community groups, banks and credit unions, funders and other stakeholders on immigrants' rights and options in the financial services arena.




The NYC Immigrant Financial Justice Network is a coalition of organizers and advocates serving diverse immigrant communities throughout NYC.  The Network meets monthly and collaborates on research, community education, and policy campaigns to expand immigrants' economic rights.

NYC Network Members:*

(*as of April 2011)


Community Education
New Economy Project's Community Financial Literacy and Justice Course teaches practical financial skills, as well as consumer and community rights.  Contact us to schedule a workshop in your community, or a train-the-trainers session for your organization's staff. 

New Economy Project has tailored workshops to address immigrant concerns, including:

  • Myths and truths about immigrants' rights in the banking system
  • ITINs and tax obligations and issues
  • Sending money home - consumer rights and options
  • Establishing a credit history
  • Homeownership facts and resources for immigrants


Organizing Support

New Economy Project provides training, research and mapping, legal assistance, and other resources to support economic justice organizing in immigrant communities.  Examples include:

  • Filing a ground-breaking lawsuit on behalf of immigrant tenants fighting landlord harassment in East Harlem, and producing video segments documenting their organizing campaign.
  • Providing training and technical assistance to immigrant groups in Queens and Staten Island seeking to create community development financial institutions.
  • Brokering agreements between immigrant groups and financial institutions to expand immigrants' access to accounts and other services.
  • Training organizers and advocates on policies affecting immigrants' financial services access, including the Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, and Community Reinvestment Act.


Legal Assistance

New Economy Project operates a Financial Justice Hotline for low income New Yorkers and community groups.  The hotline provides free information and legal assistance on issues such as immigrants' access to bank accounts, discriminatory banking and credit practices, credit reports and repair, and unfair debt collection practices.  Call the hotline at (212) 925-4929 for assistance in English, Spanish or French.

You can also download information and self-help packets on many consumer financial issues by visiting our Resources for Consumers page, also available in Spanish: Recursos para Consumidores


Resource Material

New Economy Project and the Immigrant Financial Justice Network have prepared community education materials geared to immigrant communities.  Please feel free to download and distribute:





For more information or to get involved, please call New Economy Project at (212) 680-5100.

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