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Financial Justice Mapping Project

New Economy Project provides geographic information systems (GIS) mapping support to community groups, advocacy coalitions, and legal services advocates in New York City.  New Economy Project's maps are clear and compelling, and illustrate financial services access and other economic conditions in NYC neighborhoods. 

New Economy Project has produced maps, for example, showing:

  • Home foreclosure patterns, correlated to neighborhood race, income, and other demographics

Examples and Impact

Groups have used New Economy Project's maps to expose redlining and discriminatory lending practices; strengthen community education and organizing; support fair housing and civil rights litigation; educate elected officials about the need for policy reform; and bolster corporate accountability campaigns.

Examples include:

  • New Economy Project and other members of New Yorkers for Responsible Lending have used New Economy Project's subprime lending and foreclosure maps to educate community residents, elected officials and the media about predatory lending, and to advocate for strong anti-predatory lending legislation in New York State.
  • New Economy Project mapped the concentration of usurious tax refund loans in low income neighborhoods and communities of color.  Financial justice activists used the maps in community organizing and advocacy campaigns, including to press national bank regulators to crack down on these abusive loans.
  • New Economy Project prepared maps showing the absence of mainstream banking services in Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, and North Corona for a coalition of immigrant advocates seeking to organize a community development credit union in the area.

For more information

For more information

New Economy Project provides mapping services to NYC community groups on a sliding-scale fee basis or at no cost, depending on organizational budgets.  To inquire about mapping assistance, please email us or call 212-680-5100.

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